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I have recently enjoyed some time off after a diverse and hectic career. I have worked on my fitness, my lame tennis game, caught up on some long overdue reading, been dealing in property and have been running one of London's largest public speaking clubs. I also got married! So much for a rest!

2007 promises to be an exciting year for me personally as I will be looking for new career opportunities. I’ll keep you posted...

In the past, I ran a consultancy that helped large companies save time and money by making the marketing department and brand easier to manage. I was widely recognised as a leading expert on how to use Marketing Resource Management (MRM) software within the marketing department and presented at conferences both in the UK and the US. I also had articles published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing's Technology Group, Marketingprofs and others.

Prior to this, I set up and co-ran a Venture Capital company that invested in promising start-up technology companies - a fabulous learning experience but our timing was frankly awful! I have raised venture funding, written business plans and analysed many others.

I have worked for several investment banks advising professional investors at pension funds, insurance companies and other money management companies on investments in US and European technology and Healthcare shares. I left as Director and Head of European Equity Sales at SG Cowen. I helped raise funding for companies like Apple, Cisco and Dell.

I am a keen public speaker. In addition to my MRM speaking, I have spoken at conferences and seminars on general marketing issues, networking and personal effectiveness. I have spoken both for love and for money!

Additionally, I am President of Holborn Speakers, part of the Toastmaster’s organisation. We provide a supportive setting for people to practice and improve their public speaking, communication and leadership skills. It is wonderful to see how people change as they gain the confidence that the Toastmaster’s programs give. I mentor a number of members at the club and regularly speak at clubs across London.

For Myers Briggs fiends, I am an ENTP. It describes me well - I see big pictures easily, am optimistic, entrepreneurial in nature, and a good relationship person.

As mentioned, I play tennis regularly, am a keen runner (next up the Bath Half Marathon – gulp!), love cooking, read voraciously, and am often found in London's many restaurants spending time with friends. I built my apartment with the help of an architect and would love to build my own house at some stage in the future.

I was born in Plymouth and have lived in Scotland, Bath and all over London.

Phew! If you are still reading this and need more info just drop me a mail.