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Monday, March 28, 2005


Matt Ross

Guildford has two supermarkets. Sainsburys and Tescos and have been a long fan of the former due to its location and clientele. Tescos is in less salubrious part of town and attracts the types you don't want to make eye contact with...

Anyway, recently I find myself braving the elements and going to Tescos as they have stolen the march on my old favourite. Mainly because;
1) Buying fresh produce their is now a lottery.
2) Nectar is losing its appeal while I can get BA miles at Tescos
3) The store itself is becoming run down with one set of doors permanently out of action while at least one of the weighing scales being out of order
4) Not enough "young child" parking spaces and they aren't monitored so unscrupulous parkers use them

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