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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


paulo nery

Here here! Toastmasters (or toasties as I've learned to call them from my friend Ronan) is absolutely great. And I recommend them frequently too.

I joined over two years ago and love it every time I go. Sadly, I've lapsed recently and your comment about those who don't practice hit me right in the eyes. Damn it Freddie there you go reminding me to get back in the saddle - and rightly so.

Everyone go out and join a local Toasties group today!

Freddie Daniells

Paulo: Glad to have been of assistance! See ya soon.

Ellee Seymour

Hi, I'm a terrified public speaker too, it is my only weak area. I have tried it as a guest a few times and have put off joining for fear of having to take on roles and really get stuck in.

My mouth dries and I start shaking inwards when I think about it. But after reading this, I think I shall make myself go along tomorrow night and join the Cambridge branch.

You are right about it being a safe environment, it's just that everybody else seems so good, it's impossible to imagine they had any fears.

Unfortunately, a girl from my village who is not handicapped in this way, always takes the lead rols in amateur dramatics, has joined too and I fear making an idiot of myself in front of her.

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